The Twusch - Installation

This is how easy the installation is


Remove the cassette prior to installation.

Only install the Twusch at room temperature.

Make sure it is centered and installed straight. The Twusch must not protrude over the edge of the bowl or the water outlet nor the drain. This could complicate the process of taking out the cassette or even prevent you from doing so.

Before you glue in the insert, make sure you are able to remove the cassette.


Please check if there is any residue or deposits on the surface of your Thetford toilet and remove them. Make sure your toilet is dry and free of any oils or fats.


Insert the suitable insert for your Thetford toilet model.


Seal the gap between the toilet and insert with silicone and remove excessive silicone. Let dry for 24 hours.


Now you can enjoy all the advantages of an ordinary in-home toilet in your camper or RV.


Use Nanotol Sanitary 2in1 Cleaner + Protector as needed or a minimum of 1-2 times per year to protect the nano sealing (Lotus effect).

The installation in a video